The New GCEP062W

The new GCEP062W Irrigation Pump Set

With the ongoing development to improve and add new products to the Greencrop range, we have introduced an economy diesel engine irrigation pump set that will drive a single hose reel irrigator fitted with either a rain gun or boom.

The unit is powered by a water cooled Perkins 422PT 2.2 litre 63hp 4 cylinder silent pack engine. Sound levels for the 422PT power pack are as follows: 1000 rpm 55dBa and 2800 rpm 73dBa both at 7 metres, directly coupled to a Caprari MEC-MR 65-2/4A 1 – centrifugal multiple-stage pump with horizontal shaft (Q: 64.67 m3/h H: 109 m).

The unit comes standard mounted on a 80 gallon (364 litre) fully bunded fuel tank chassis with jack and tractor draw bar. 10/75/15.3 6 stud wheels and mudguards are also included along with hand primer and our modified 450 waterproof protection control panel; for water temperature, high and low oil pressure, high and low water pressure and no flow protection.

The above pump unit can also be supplied mounted on our fuel bowser tandem axle galvanised chassis with mudguards and road lights.

  • Manufactured in Great Britain to a very high standard
  • 63hp 4 cylinder engine
  • Caprari MEC-MR 65-2/4A1
  • Q: 64.67 M3/H H: 109cm
  • Quiet acoustic engine cabinet only 73db at 7 metres
  • Push button easy start
  • Hand primer as standard
  • User-friendly control and engine protection system
  • 364 litre (80 gallon) fully bunded chassis tank
  • Lockable fuel cap
  • Superb high quality long lasting finish
  • Waterproof control cabinet


  • High speed tandem axle galvanized chassis with mudguards and full road lights
  • Electric primer