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Electric Pumps – Pump In A Box

Greencrop’s Pump in a Box pumping system has a single or three phase mono stator rotor horizontal pump with manual/auto start and stop, frost stat, self priming, suction hose with foot valve and filter, plus high pressure cut off. It also comes with a control panel with starter, float switch control, high-level alarm and beacon, mini cap pump protection relay and base, two float switch gear complete with micro-switch and 10m of cable.

Greencrop scroll & stator pumps are ideal for situations requiring higher heads, or greater solids handling capability. The latest pumping technology from MONO pumps ensures maximum performance and peace of mind.

The system is commonly used for effluent disposal, with larger pumps available for heavier duties such as pig slurry, and umbilical applications.

Greencrop offer a standard range of pumps covering most common applications, although belt drive transmissions allow pumps to be specified to meet specific requirements.

3 kW – 8 m3/hr – single or three phase

5.5 kW – 12 m3/hr – three phase

Standard pumps are specified to operate up to 9 bar. Greencrop can also offer a range of PTO driven scroll and stator pumps, designed for three point linkage mounting, offering a self priming pump with solids handling capability, particularly suitable for high head.

Larger Pump in a Box system – 5.5kW 3 phase 12bar

A mono C15BC31RPH pump unit, linked by a twin v-belt drive to a 5.5kW three phase motor, is geared to run at a speed of 468rpm and in this configuration will develop a discharge head of 12 bar, with a nominal output of 12m3/hr.

Other pumps are available up to 16 bar with outputs of up to 120m3/hr, built to the following specification.

The pump is supplied built in a galvanized box, complete with 3″ suction kit; comprising of galvanized inlet pipework, 6m x 3″ suction hose as well as the necessary couplings.

The package also includes a 3″ delivery kit, including a pressure relief valve, outlet shut off and non-return valves with pressure gauge and tapping for pressure switch gauge.

The pump control panel is complete with full manual and automatic control with full overload protection. The control panel also includes a 240v to 24v transformer to provide 24v operation of pump controls and protection devices. The control circuits are built into a fully enclosed waterproof housing. The panel also included full MCB protection and door mounted isolator.

We also include a high/low pressure monitoring system. High pressure shut down enables shut down of the pump when either the mobile irrigator reaches the end of its run, or a jet blockage in the sprinkler causes a pressure build up. Low pressure shut down is fitted with a timer delay unit and enables shut down of the pumping station due to a loss of pressure caused by either a burst on the output line or loss of suction.

Shut down due to either low or high pressure isolates the pump and triggers either a warning beacon. The system can only be reset manually which prevents the system restarting before the cause of the shutdown has been investigated.

The pump box is fitted with an external thermostat linked to a tubular heater and the motor contactor. This ensures that when the outside temperature drops near freezing the pump is shut down and the heater comes on to prevent the pump house freezing.