Visscher - Green Bedding Separation System

Condition: Average
2011, automatic head, 3KW cutting mill sieve reinforcement, catchment tank, 12-15M3 Mono pump 5KW, Mounti frame C/W couplings, UK auto control panel, auto start/stop by float or timer, HR meter, mixer control & timer, 7KW frequency inverter, moisture control, 240v connection for beacon
REF: 21073171
PRICE: £18,000

Sepcom WSP22 Submersible Digestate

Condition: Shop soiled
2017, 2.2kw 3ph motor, 10m cable, DN80 outlet flange, horizontal mounting
REF: 21061649
PRICE: £1,920

Hojgard Underslat Mixer

Condition: Shop soiled
2017, 5.5kw 3ph motor, stainless steel impeller, 150cm shaft working depth, galvanised frame
REF: 21063363
PRICE: £2,438

Caprari CMVY Submersible Mixer

Condition: Shop soiled
2015, electric model, 400/3/50, 1.1kw 3ph motor, PVY 60/5, lifting kit with winch, 6m x 60mm x 60mm x 2mm guide bar.
REF: 21033994
PRICE: £3250

Vacuum Pump

Condition: Shop soiled
2015, with Salmi hydraulic motor (OMM 8cc)
REF: 21052893
PRICE: £675

WAM Sepcom COW065 Slurry Separator

Condition: Very good
2015, 5.5KW, 3PH Direct Drive motor, inlet compensating hopper, 0.75mm & 0.90mm stainless steel screens, yellow polymer screw, N.3 compression diaphragm
REF: 21073170
PRICE: £15,000