Greencrop Irrigation, along with BASF and their product Nemaslug® have developed a new way of applying nematodes using a hosereel irrigator to kill slugs, thereby doing two jobs in one. The Nem applicator trailer is coupled up to the irrigation pump. The power from the engine unit, or electric power supply, drives a mixer to agitate the nematodes and keeps them in suspension. They then pass through a water driven dosage pump, set at different application levels depending on the dosage needed to match the flow and throw of the hosereel irrigator.

The Problem

Slugs are one of the most widely known pests of cultivated plants. They cause extensive damage in a wide range of crops attacking seeds, leaves, stems, flowers and root structures. Furthermore, most species of slugs are capable of causing subterranean damage. For example, with young seedlings, slugs can destroy the growing point before it emerges from the soil surface. Moreover, with crops like potatoes, slugs need not come to the surface since they have a ready-made food source from the growing tubers. Finally, slugs pose a contamination risk, where the mere presence of the pest on harvested crops faces the risk of rejection by packers and supermarkets.

The only weakness in the slug armoury is their susceptibility to desiccation. Slugs protect themselves from drying out by staying underground during daytime when conditions are dry and only come above the surface to feed. They focus their feeding activity at night when conditions are usually damper and of course, out of direct sunlight.

The Solution

Nemaslug® contains the mollusc pathogenic nematode Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita. This aggressive organism is found naturally in the soil, but only in small numbers. A single dose of Nemaslug applied as a spray/drench provides tens of thousands of nematodes for every square metre of applied area. It is this significant army of nematodes that provides superior control of slugs.

Nematode products contain nematodes in their vigourously infective juvenile stage. These aggressive organisms actively seek out slugs and enter then through natural body openings. Once inside, they release symbiotic bacteria, quickly killing the slug, then the nematodes reproduce inside the dead host and release a new generation of infective juveniles which disperse in search of further prey.

Nemaslug is mollusc specific and will kill a wide number of slug species including the most important field slug, Derocereas reticulatum. Nemaslug will also control other Derocereas species, many of the important Arion Species and soil dwelling snails like Oxyloma species.

Overall pest population management

Nemaslug can be used to “break” the pest life cycle. The persistent activity of Nemaslug in the soil allows for significant population control, which will reduce future generations of slugs. Use Nemaslug® at times when slug numbers are high and before they start significant egg laying. In northern Europe, this is usually in the Spring and early Autumn.

Preventative control

When a slug outbreak is expected due to difficult land areas and climatic conditions, Nemaslug’s superior performance in such conditions provides a valuable tool to gain control when other measures fail.

Cross compliance

Since Nemaslug is mollusc specific it can be used to treat headlands and margins without concern for environmental contamination.

Why use Nemaslug®

  • Only product to provide persistent, long term control
  • Unaffected by wet weather
  • Effective knockdown control
  • Works by killing slugs in the soil, exactly where the pest spends most of its time
  • No crop residues
  • No harvest interval
  • For use on all crops including organics
  • Can be used through irrigation lines