Farm and Food Waste

Farm and Food Waste
Sepcom Bio Separators for the AD industry

The range of Sepcom separators are already used in Europe in Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants occasionally to prepare the material before the digester.

Horizontal Range

The Sepcom separator is used to separate the digested material. In this situation, the Sepcom is fitted with a special unique polymer sectional screw as the temperature of the digestate can exceed 30 degrees C.

A special stainless steel chute is fitted to the outlet that holds the plug, creating a greater back pressure which improves the separation. The chute retains the plug when the separator stops.

This unit can cope with an ST of 12-14 (depending on feed stock).

We offer two units for the AD industry. Model Bio 015 and Bio 065. The capacity of these units are up to 5m3/hr and 35m3/hr.

The first bio units are working successfully in the UK and are available for inspection by prior appointment.

Vertical Range

Greencrop have introduced a new digestant separator for the AD industry. The all-new Sepcom V150 and V200 vertical separators are unique to the biogas industry, as well as for separating difficult sludge waste.

The vertical construction means that the machine retains its ‘plug’, ensuring consistent quality of separation. There is also much less maintenance required as the screen needs cleaning only once every three months (dependant on mate- rial being separated), as opposed to the usual monthly clean with horizontal stainless steel screw separators.

The low maintenance requirement is critical and what makes it different to previous models. Equipment is often left run- ning and unattended for long periods in the biogas industry; therefore the simple design of the machine and the cleaner screen makes it ideal for this application.

The separator is designed for difficult waste (including human waste) and has two vertical polymer screws, allowing them to run at a tighter tolerance than a steel screw against the screens. The intermesh of the screws acts as self-cleaning, reducing maintenance and downtime further.

The polymer will withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees C and it can achieve similar dry matter content to conventional horizontal models. The power requirement is also low at only 5.5kW.

Three sizes of screens are available to suit different digestant material and the separation chamber can be extended if needed.

The Sepcom V150 digestant separator has been installed in an AD Biogas plant for Swancote Energy. Simon Davies (Director) commented, “Having tried several presses in the market place, the Sepcom proved to be the most effective. The solid cake produced is fantastic whilst the energy consumption is minimal.”