Giampi Irrigation Booms

Giampi has been producing irrigation booms for 20 years. Developed for delicate cultivations, they reduce working costs and offer numerous advantages:

  • Low use pressure (2 – 4 atm)
  • Highly powered big capacities
  • Uniform water distribution even in windy conditions
  • Does not compact the earth
  • Higher ground absorption

Speed and ease of use are the main features of all Giampi Irrigation Booms, which need only a single person for installation.

The spraying nozzles have been planned for a blade jet to obtain maximum duty, and are made in brass to increase their quality and durability by avoiding wear and breaking.

Giampi also produces a wide range of irrigation accessories.

Giampi FVT Irrigation Booms – FVT Range

Irrigation Boom F.V.T. 12/18
The complete structure of the trolley is made in hot galvanised steel with variable track according to cultivations.

The elements in round pipes can be unhooked, while the unique boom is complete with supporting ropes.

Irrigation Boom F.V.T. 25/32
The FVT 25/32 has a reticulated structure made in hot galvanized steel with electro-welded modular elements, which can be unhooked.

The F.V.T. 25/32 irrigation boom can be mobile or fixed and can be equipped with optional supporting ropes. A special roll system ensures a perfect balancing and self-leveling to the boom, even in the presence of wind. It is unique in its kind.

(Note: on request, this model can be adapted for spreading sewage or other fluids. It can be also made in stainless steel for dispersing corrosive fluids.)

The full range of PVT irrigation booms starts at the 19/26 and goes up to 48/56 (i.e. 56m area of irrigation).

For full specifications: