Exhaust Primers

The worst job in the irrigation season and the one task guaranteed to make even the calmest of us bad tempered, is priming the diesel irrigation pump by hand!

Many of our customers report that the best investment they have made in irrigation equipment is the fitting of a Greencrop exhaust primer kit to their diesel pump sets.

Simple to fit – easy to use:

  • The Greencrop exhaust primer kit is complete and includes a new high performance silencer with the exhaust venturi fitted
  • A lever assembly makes it easy to engage and disengage the automatic priming
  • The Greencrop exhaust primer kit comes with full instructions and is easy to fit to existing pumps
  • The average time for stress-free priming is about 20 seconds!
  • The Greencrop exhaust primer kit can be mounted with the silencer either vertical or horizontal
  • We have hundreds of satisfied customers! The fitting of these kits is an ideal job for Autumn.