Small Pump Set Range

The GCEP051W / GCEP075 Irrigation Pump Set

Greencrop Pump Sets for Drip Irrigation or 1 x Irrigator

Greencrop have introduced a new range of budget irrigation pump sets, including economy diesel engines and irrigation pumps that will drive a single hose reel irrigator fitted with either a rain gun or boom, also for increased use of drip or tape irrigation, where existing pump sets on the market are over capacity for these applications.

We can offer two models, the GCEP51WIR and GCEP75WIR, both with bunded tanks and control panels as standard.

The GCEP51WIR unit is powered by a water cooled Perkins 404D22 (TIER 111) 51hp 4 cylinder with a Rovatti F43K80-90/3E pump, which is ideal for running drip or tape irrigation but still be able to run one irrigator.

Standard specification.

  • At 2200 rpm: 66 m3/h – 89m
  • At 2000 rpm: 66 m3/h – 69m
  • At 1750 rpm: 66m3/h – 48m

Control box model Elcos CEM250 (standard control & protection)

Flow switch

Manual priming pump
Delivery butterfly valve
Roof to protect the engine from rain
Special bunded chassis – internal capacity 700 litres
Lockable fuel cap
Wheels 11.5/80 with mudguards

The GCEP75WIR unit is powered by a water-cooled Iveco F32MNSX00.00 (TIER 111A) 75hp 4 cylinder engine direct coupled to a Caprari MEC-MR 65-2/4A 1 – centrifugal multiple-stage pump with horizontal shaft (Q: 64.67 m³/h H: 109 m).

Optional extras for both pump sets are:

Suction and delivery fittings

Electric primer

Acoustic lockable engine cabinet. 73db @ 7m

GSM control