Pivot Systems

Otech Pivot Irrigation Systems – ST Range

Drawing on Otech’s 25 years of experience, performance, innovation, quality and standardisation, the Otech ST Range uses only first class components for reliability and longevity.

The range includes the ST Central Unit, ST Bibeam Tower and ST Tower. Structure is realised in high resistance steel S275 with a high carbon content and suited to a uniform galvanization.

Steel pipe is available in 3 or 4mm thicknesses.

Galvanized steel S275 overhang pipe is available in 6, 12, 18 and 24m lengths: a modular system allows a 12m pipe length to be substituted by two identical 6 m lengths for easy transportation.

Nozzles are computer calculated to ensure maximum distribution and uniformity.

Otech ST Range general technical features:

  • Wheels with galvanized rims
  • Aluminium centre drive 1/40e.0.55 kW at 1500 tr/mn
  • Gearboxes 1/50e
  • Aluminium U joint with urethane crosspiece
  • Cable 4G4 (4G6 for ST245)
  • Bibeam tower
  • End tower with decanting tank and drain valve
  • Electrical waterlight control box type A or B with double door in conformity with the European secure manufacturing standard
  • Low pressure shutdown and pressure gauge
ModelDiameterThicknessMax Flow at 3m/sMax Flow at 3.5m/s
ST127Ø1273124 m3/h145 m3/h
ST127Ø1274120 m3/h140 m3/h
ST141Ø139.73152 m3/h177 m3/h
ST168Ø168.33223 m3/h261 m3/h
ST168Ø168.34218 m3/h254 m3/h
ST193Ø193.73299 m3/h349 m3/h
ST193 Ø193.74292 m3/h341 m3/h
ST245Ø244.54475 m3/h554 m3/h