Kemper Big Drum Series

Big Drum Series

We are pleased to offer the Big Drum Series (400 Plus) range. This series is a fantastic all-round harvest machine, offering maximum power even under extreme conditions with the perfect cut for stalk-like fruits.

The Kemper big drums are specifically developed for high-yield maize crops with plant heights of over 4.0m and a working width from 4.5m to 9.0m. The harvesting headers of the 400 series cut quickly and thoroughly at a high speed of rotation. The large harvesting rotors operate powerfully, regardless of the row spacing or the crop. Even under extreme harvesting conditions, the headers really show what they can do. The two sloping stepped feeder drums ensure tidy bundling right across the width of the channel. Full utilisation of the engine power is made possible due to the even length crop feed. The 400 series harvesting headers provide the highest possible productivity with maximum chopping quality.