Kemper Grass Pickups

Grass Pickup’s

Greencrop are pleased to offer the maximum performance range of Grass Pickup’s for New Holland and Claas.

Built for extremely tough harvesting conditions, get the most out of your forage harvester. The new Kemper Pickup’s N3003 and C3003 are especially designed for New Holland and Claas forage harvesters. All components are designed to be very robust. Large high-performance forage harvesters can be used optimally, even if wet crop is raked unevenly. Just push the drive lever forward and test how this new pickup swallows the crop.

It all starts with an even crop flow. The self-adjusting roller adapts automatically to the size of the swath, rolling smoothly over it with the hydraulic accumulator taking part of its weight. The swath guide tines connected to the roll are always set correctly and lead the crop securely underneath the auger. You will be amazed how the crop passes on to the auger.

· Easy crop intake- The small diameter pickup reel of the C3003 and N3003 will lift any crop without pushing it forward. Short crop from the last cut does not ‘roll’ in front of the pick-up but is taken in directly, the basis for a regular crop flow.

· Easy reversing- Due to the short design of the pick-up the crop will easily come out of the header if the metal detector trips and the pickup is reversed. This makes the metal search and restarting easier. The high lift of the compression roller makes it easy for access to the pickup.

· Crop stays in the Pickup- The trash net covers the whole pickup and is attached to the arms of the compression roller. The fine mesh prevents crop build-up over the whole machine, including the cutter head cover. Maintenance of the SPFH will be easier without having to remove large amounts of crop residue and it also helps the cab windows stay clean.

· Gentle on the soil-The gauge wheels can turn 360 degrees and the large Tyre diameter performs well on wet ground. The wheels follow the ground contours perfectly and do not damage the soil allowing them to turn freely in field corners. In extremely uneven conditions the optional centre gauge wheel prevents pick-up tines from digging into the soil. The robust steel roller only has ground contact when there are bumps underneath the centre of the pickup, lifting it up to avoid tine damage. The roll design guarantees that the pickup travels smoothly preventing it from bulldozing. The wear of the tines on uneven terrain is lower, resulting in higher forage quality and less contamination.

· Automatic chain lubrication system- The hotter and dryer it is, the more oil is needed to keep the chains well lubricated and avoid too much wear. The two chains of the pickup are lubricated with oil from the oil reservoir on the back of the pickup. The oil pump is mechanically driven. The system pumps oil to the felt pads touching the chain. The oil level can be easily regulated. The system only lubricates when the pickup is running, keeping your hands clean so you do not have to worry about the chain lubrication.

Technical specifications for N3003 and C3003

Operation width (m)
Transport width (m)
Length (m)
Height (m)
Weight (kg)
Number of tines
4 x 40
Stripper diameter (mm)
Auger diameter (mm)