Eco Bedding

Visscher Sepcom Eco Bedding

Eco bedding is becoming of great interest in the UK after its popularity in the USA and Europe for some years. Our neighbours in Holland have been using eco bedding for four years and over 5000 farms have converted to the system both on mats and deep bedding (80% of all new cubicles in Holland have gone to deep bedding). Visscher have been involved from the beginning, and have developed an automatic separator system. Holland has over 300 units (both static and mobile) and there are over 50 in Germany, plus units in Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Lapland and now the UK.

The Visscher Sepcom eco bedding separator is designed to produce recycled bedding material from the separated slurry. The benefits of this system give cows better comfort in the cubicle, keep them cleaner and help to reduce mastitis levels in the heard, whilst also reducing bedding costs. The separator has a lower electrical demand than other machines as it is fitted with a 5.5kw motor. Due to its larger screen area and auto adjusting head, its power requirement is reduced. The Visscher/Sepcom will produce bedding with a dry matter content of 33-37 per cent.

Automatic press module

Visscher Sepcom Eco Bedding features an automatic press module which adapts the counter-pressure to the medium’s consistency. This allows the module to automatically apply the optimum pressing force.

PLC controller

The PLC controller can be adjusted to the dry matter content/mass balance desired for nutrients and dryness.

Cutting module

The filter and screw service lives depend on the quality of the slurry pumped to the separator. We offer you a combined stone trap and cutter solution for mounting on the pump pipe.

Pumps and agitators

The consistency and homogeneity of the slurry help ensure a good result. It is therefore important to choose the right agitation and pump in connection with slurry separation.
The product is ideal for the modern farmer who wishes to benefit as much as possible from a slurry separation solution.

  • Fibre bedding that offers optimum comfort for cattle
  • High dry matter content 26-37%
  • Significant savings on labour resources
  • Low power consumption
  • Dryness control via simple dial adjustment.