ECO Mixers

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Greencrop ECO Slurry Mixers

Lagoon mixer

  • 15ft for small to medium lagoons under 8’ deep
  • 17ft for medium lagoons
  • 20ft for medium to large lagoons over 8’ deep
  • 24ft for large lagoons
  • 29ft for large lagoons

Underslat mixer

9ft for underground tanks with restricted access

Wall mixers

For regular mixing of above ground slurry stores

Storemaster mixer

10ft – 12ft – 14ft vertical mast height with a 20ft boom for mixing
16ft -20ft – 23ft vertical mast height with a 30ft boom for mixing

All machines manufactured from high quality heavy duty steel, all with a fully galvanized finish, hydraulic depth adjustment, bottom bearing lubricated by the slurry and a long, problem-free life.