Greencrop Range

Greencrop Slurry Pump Range

Greencrop pump sets are designed to utilise the full potential of the Blueline100K and PTD100K pumps (other makes of pumps can be mounted), combined with the environmental benefits of a custom built, quiet running pump station.

By combining the latest Iveco N45 and N67 Series diesel power units, joined with the latest Blueline 100K pump technology, Greencrop can provide the ideal pump/engine combination for your needs.

Each pump unit is designed and built to meet your specific pumping requirements, whether you are an agricultural user or industrial contractor.

Two models, the GCEP125S and GCEP170S using Iveco N45 125HP and N67 170HP engines, encompass purpose designed engine and pump management systems to allow for either automatic pressure maintenance, enabling the operator to specify a required pump outlet pressure where the controller will modulate the engine speed to maintain the required pressure, or remote throttle control via radio telemetry. All Greencrop controllers include full engine protection and auto start facilities.

The Blueline 100K series pumps are designed to give high flow pump performance, whilst operating at lower engine speeds, to ensure the best possible fuel efficiency with the highest performance available.

The standard units are fitted with a manual control panel which gives the operator start/stop and throttle up/down control. The addition of two types of radio controlled systems, the 6 channel BRP or TWTL ruggidised SIL Cantrack radio control link, provides the user with full one man pumping capability, with full control from
the spreader tractor seat from over 2km range.

The radio link allows remote start and stopping of the pump, increase and decrease demand pressure or throttle position, and selection between pumping to line or pumping back to holding tank/lagoon.
The radio unit is DTI approved to MPT1329 Operating in the licence exempt 458 MHz band.

BRP system

6 Channel uni-directional system:

  • 6 button control
  • Start
  • Stop
  • Throttle increase
  • Throttle decrease
  • Divert open
  • Divert close
  • 2km line of sight radio link
  • Allows basic control of pump set, but with no return feedback to the remote station

TWTL system

Hi performance radio modem link:

  • Full two way data transfer between pump set and remote station
  • Duplicate display at both ends showing:
  • System status
  • Engine speed
  • Target speed
  • Divert status
  • Tx/Rx indication
  • Automatic divert speed control
  • 100 rpm speed increments on button press with indication on both displays
  • Range up to 7km depending on model
  • Pump outputs to 400 m3 / hour
  • Discharge pressure up to 18 bar (performance is depended on pump and engine combination, pipe diameter and length, and slurry consistency)
  • Other makes of umbilical pumps can be specified.

The above pump sets can also be fitted with Doda L35, L35HD or Bauer slurry pumps.

We also offer bespoke units made to your specification. Please contact us with your requirements.