Water Bowsers

Water Bowsers

Greencrop water bowsers are quality British manufactured. The bowser barrels are rolled from high quality 6mm and 8mm steel plate.

All bowsers incorporate a full length chassis for added strength and are ideal for mounting dribble bars.

Single axle bowsers, 1500 gallon and above, are fitted with swivel hitch as standard.

All steel used is to EN.BS.10025 standard and operates B.S.5750 part 2 (ISO 9002) quality assurance system.

A sprung drawbar is fitted to larger bowsers to eliminate shock loads, therefore reducing stress on the operator and wear on both the tractor and bowser. Swivel hitches are fitted to the bowser to reduce wear on both the tractor hook and the bowser eye, the swivel hitches also eliminate the risk of combined rollover i.e. the bowser is independent from the tractor.

Standard specifications include:

  • 550/60 x 22.5 wheels
  • 20” rear access hatch
  • 20” top access hatch
  • Access ladder to top hatch
  • Full sight tube on offside
  • 2” outlet both sides at front and one at rear
  • Pipe hooks both sides
  • 1” water trough ball valve mounted in top of front disc end
  • 5 metres of 2” hose with valve
  • L.E.D. road lights

Other sizes POA – please call us with your requirements.

General specifications include:

  • High quality paint finish
  • Swivel eye hitch
  • Full barrel length chassis
  • Hydraulic brakes and hand brake
  • Fully wired light system
  • Camlock quick fit couplings
  • Manual valve for filling
  • Hydraulic valve for emptying
  • Manual valve for filling
  • The dish ends overlap inside the barrel (not butt welded) to give extra strength


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