Veneroni High Head Slurry Pumps

The secret of Veneroni’s slurry pump success is the unique design of the pump and cutter head. Simplicity of design guarantees effective conditioning and pumping of heavy slurry. The range of pumps are available with heads of up to 40m and flows from 6,000 to 500,000 gallons per hour.

Greencrop are the sole distributor of Veneroni products in the UK and supply farmers with Veneroni slurry products, both tractor driven and electric, slurry pumps and mixers as well as tractor driven tank mixers.

The new impeller system! Its secret? Simplicity! The decision to eliminate the knives and counter-knives has determined considerable improvements.


Long fibres are chopped by the combined action of the rotor and the blades of the shaving disk.


The absence of rotating elements outside the pump body avoids unwanted problems of clogging caused by twisting of long fibres and rope, often found in the tanks, on the driving shaft.




The extension of the suction, the different configuration of the triturating system, the special configuration of the pump body and the rotor, guarantee excellent performance even with dense sewage.


The pump body is manufactured entirely in spheroid cast iron, cov- ered with epoxy bituminous enamel and is equipped with a driving shaft in stainless steel supported by bearings in oil bath and a standard widia-widia mechanical seal.

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