WAM Submersible Mixers

  • SE Submersible Effluent Agitator

WAM CHIOR® SE Submersible Mixers

The GCWSM submersible mixer consists of a waterproof cast iron body with internal electric motor and a special impeller.

The drive unit enables the impeller that has a geometry meant for high effectiveness, allowing the floating solids to homogenise to the material settled on the bottom of the tank.

The submersible mixer has been designed to mix the material, prevent it from settling on the bottom of the tank and make it suitable, after being treated by a mixer pump, for being fed into a separator.

It allows the fibrous materials collecting in the tank to remain in good condition and prevents potential clogging of the pumps and separators.

With the development of AD plants becoming more popular, the GCWSM pumps are a beneficial addition to improving separation performance.

The GCWSM submersible mixer, available in various sizes, finds its most typical application in manure processing due to its mixing function that ensures high performance for the feeding of separators or in conveying sewage or waste water.

The GCWSM type can also be used in biogas plants (in concrete open tanks) for the treatment of sewage (pigs and poultry) and in the treatment of waste water.


  • A wide range available
  • Sturdy design
  • Excellent mixing performance
  • Quick installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low running costs

Technical features/performance:

  • Drive unit power rating: 1.5 kW – 22 kW
  • Effective mixing up to 60m radius