Umbilical Systems

Umbilical Systems

Farmspread umbilical systems have been designed with the farmer in mind to give a high quality, high performance system specifically for a farmer’s own use.

Systems are based around the proven Blueline pump range, with options of two high performance pumps selected to match farm scale pumping duties, to utilise tractors from 60 HP upwards.

Single and twin outlet spreaders are available, with the single spreader being particularly suited to farm scale umbilical spreading as it allows flow rates of 50 to 80 m3/hr with improved spread pattern, to ensure the best utilisation of farm slurries. We can also offer a full range of dribble bars.

Farmspread hose recovery equipment offers a range of machines from 400m to 1200m linkage-mounted reelers and 1000m to 2000m trailed reelers. Both mounted and trailed reelers feature a high performance, hydraulic drive mechanism, ensuring reliable and effective hose handling.

All Farmspread equipment now features high quality galvanized finish spreader bars and all linkage mounted units use the same heavy duty design, with tubular hose drums and heavy-duty box section chassis to give a lightweight, yet strong construction.

Farmspread systems use high quality rubber and polyurethane hoses to suit individual requirements.


  • Blueline K100 chopper pump
  • 1000m mounted reeler
  • 1000m x 4” draghose
  • Single spreader
  • Non return valve and bleed valve

We also offer a twin umbilical slurry spreader bar, an example of which is shown in the image below.